Small Pukong Hair Care Life System -Ginger Root Shampoo + Daily Hair Mask (Bundle Promo)


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Ginger Root Shampoo

Good for hair loss, oily and itchy scalp control. Unlike most ginger shampoo which has a strong ginger smell, Small Pukong Ginger Root Shampoo has a very unique and light fragrance.
5 Benefits of Ginger Root Shampoo

– Dandelion Essence : Nourish Scalp

– Ginger Root Essence : Cleanse Scalp and hair

– Botanical Essences : Moisturize hair

– Gleditsia Sinsensis Essence : Oil-balancing properties

– Natural Essential Oil: Soothe and Protect Scalp

Daily Hair Mask

Works best when use together with the Ginger Root Shampoo.

Hair treatment mask using the award patent technology small molecules cationic repairs our hair internally and fill up the hole on our hair.

Plant Essence Nourishing and Repairing

– Dandelion Extract moistures hair

– Amino Acids provide sufficient moisture for the hair

– Contains nuts and a variety of plant essence to nourish hair.

*Joint R & D with KAO Of Japan, BASF of Germany

* Imported amino acids from Japan

* All fragrances are provide from GIVAUDAN, the world largest fragrance company and created by British international Perfumer – Sarah Wilson.

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