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Olive Manon Virgin Oil
Widely accepted and well known as Japan No 1 Olive Oil. Processed with 24 hours after the harvest with cold-pressed method to ensure best quality. It is 100% natural, no chemical substances, no coloring, no preservative and contains vitamin A, D, E and K with powerful anti-oxidant property ‘polyphenols’ that destroy free radicals caused by pollution and UV rays, protecting our skin cells against oxidative damages, slowing down skin aging process and the appearance of wrinkles.

Olive manon virgin oil has been a reliable brand over decades.
It is an ideal nourishing oil for everyone in the family from newborn babies to the elderlies.

Baby Care : A protection layer to protect and prevent baby delicate skin from dryness and allergy.
Pregnant Women : Prenatal and postnatal care, prevent stretch marks, lighten scars and relieve itching.
Scalp : Treat scalp before shampoo to prevent hair follicle blockage and hair loss
Hair : After shampooing, apply a little amount of olive oil at the hair ends to prevent split end and for healthy and glossy hair.
Face : Easy penetration, can be used as makeup remover, massage oil and lip care.
Body : After bathing, massage the whole body. For sun protection and whitening, age spots, sports, especially
Outdoor: such as swimming, it act as protection layer to prevent skin harm by external factors.
How To Use

(Hair Care) – Apply Olive Oil to hair ends directly to prevent split-ends to also manage dry and fizzy hair. Apply the oil after shower, avoiding the scalp. This treatment is especially effective for those who have dyed or bleached hair.

For Face – (Facial Cleanser) Wet a piece of cotton and squeeze away excess water. Apply one pump of olive oil on it, and gently wipe the entire face, including the eye area to remove all make up and impurities. Repeat this if needed. After this oil cleansing process, wash face thoroughly with a water-based cleanser. It is important to clean your face with an oil-based cleanser, even if you do not wear make up. When the face is thoroughly clean and the pores are unclogged, acne outbreaks will be reduced drastically.

To get rid of white/black heads effectively, gently massage a generous amount of Olive Oil onto face for 5 minutes. After massaging, place a hot towel (be careful not to burn yourself) over your face till the towel is cooled. Repeat the hot pack process one more time. Wash off excess oil from face thoroughly with a foam cleanser.

( Moisturiser / Repair ) – After washing the face, apply lotion/toner first. Once dry, spread one pump of Olive Oil on palm and gently tap on the entire face. For better results, cover your face with a warm towel. It is advisable to do this before bedtime. Your skin will feel soft and smooth when you wash it in the morning; this is because Olive Oil contains high amounts of polyphenol, an antioxidant which also help rejuvenate cells, preventing wrinkles and anti-aging.

For Body – (Massage Oil) Apply Olive Oil generous

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