Kerasys Hair Care Clinic Series – Moisture Clinic Shampoo 750ml

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The brand story of Kerasys

Kerasys is a short word for Keratin Care System,

it makes hair beautiful and healthy by managing Keratin in hair using a system organized based on hair condition It’s the only chance that you can experience the recovery effect at home! Based on The hair clinic system, find a solution for your hair concern with Kerasys, which pursues the sensibility of confident and chic urban women.

두피 쿨링 클리닉
kerasys hair clinic


Suitable for dry, rough, thick, natural Curl, brittle, damaged and malnourished hair that breaks and splits easily

Kerasys Unique moisture clinic technology hydrates and soften dry, brittle hair.

Kerasys Triple Moisture System deeply hydrates and nourishes hair while moisture liposome and swiss alpine herb extracts keep hair soft and smooth. Color protection.

Triple Moisture System

A blend of panthenol, bamboo sap, and aloe vera deeply hydrate and conditions dry, rough, thick. natural curl and brittle hair.

Moisture Liposome

Moisture Liposome is added to the lipid-based liposome

capsules to effectively coat hair and add moisture.

Edelweiss and Swiss Alpine Herb Extracts Contaminant-free herbs from the Swiss highlands keep your hair healthy with amino acids

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 25 × 8 cm

set (shamp + cond), shampoo, conditioner, moisture carton

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